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I'm a trainer, can I train my clients there?

Yes! We are a 'trainers' gym, and our doors have always been open for trainers to come and bring their business. 

Trainers here are independent contractors, and can come and go as they please. We charge flat rates for 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, with an additional amount tacked on if the session is a group of more than three clients.

For specifics, just contact Graham.

What is covered in a membership?

You get the code to our back door, which grants access before and after hours.

Membership also covers the household, by they adults. So partners/spouses, kids back from college.

What are the rules for the gym?

No dropping/slamming weights. We have pads upstairs for deadlifting that absorb impact, but the majority of the heavier stuff is downstairs. We are not a CrossFit studio.

Clean up behind yourself (wipes are provided all over the gym), if you use one of our towels put it in one of the hampers when you're done. Nothing too fancy.

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